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ICT is now a mark of Catalonia’s identity


February 2016.- The ICT sector in Catalonia has traditionally been of special importance, thanks to a strong consumer electronics presence, a highly competitive software development sector and being one of the biggest industrial clusters in Europe. Catalonia has always offered a dynamic ecosystem that now produces major initiatives applying mobile technologies to traditional activities.

Barcelona, firmly on the global mobile map

From 2012 to 2023 Barcelona will be the Mobile World Capital. This means that not only the international flagship mobile event will be held yearly here, the GSMA Mobile World Congress, but a whole range of activities and programmes all year around will create a dynamic professional ecosystem for the mobile and its satellite industries.This initiative has transformed Barcelona into the permanent global centre for mobile technologies, has involved the development of a business environment focused on this type of industry on an international level and has made Barcelona a global benchmark for mobile transformation.

Proof of this can be seen in the fact that Barcelona was named in 2014 as first European Capital of Innovation by the EU and is today considered to beis the second smart city in the world after Singapore (Juniper Research, 2016)

Build your ICT business right beside your markets and customers

Catalonia has traditionally always had a strong industrial sector, which has today become an eager mobile industry client: ICT, business solutions, retail and smart cities represent the sectors with which mobile companies more frequently work. Other important sectors include transport, health and public services. ICT is also closely related to activity in SMART cities, the Internet of Things, m-health, gaming, e-commerce, all of which are highly active sectors in Catalonia.

Be part of a dynamic ecosystem

With startups being one of the strongest employment and income creators in Europe, Barcelona is the 5th Startup Region in Europe according to Compass and ACCIÓ, behind London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. The CITIE 2015 report lists Barcelona as the 4th Best city favouring digital entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the Catalan capital ranks extremely well in terms of cost of living & best location for office space costs.

Find specific talent amidst a pool of available and skilled professionals

With an ICT workforce of some 84,600 and a vigorous mix of consolidated companies and new business ventures, Catalonia has generated a large pool of highly skilled workers with Barcelona being the most competitive city in Europe in terms of IT salaries.

Accompanying this talent is an outstanding academic support system with more than 15,000 students in mobile-related studies at internationally renowned universities such as the UPC BarcelonaTech, ESADE or UPF.

Discover an international and open sector

Catalonia has received one-third of the FDI into Spanish mobile sector during the 2009-2015 period and is the 3rd Continental Western European region in terms of job creation in the ICT sector in 2015. With 56% of the R&D projects received in Spain since 2009, Catalonia has proven itself as one of the most interesting locations to establish these type of projects.

An active mobile cluster supported by scientific facilities that offer the right technology and innovation

High-tech companies tend to cluster and require a good business environment. Home to almost 1 of every 5 Spanish ICT companies, Catalonia offers excellent opportunities for networking and interacting with other industry participants. In fact, 21% of technology companies established in Spain are located in Catalonia. It is not surprising then that Catalonia is home to large ICT clusters and technology parks. With the Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia or the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Catalonia is very well positioned to foster technology transfer and collaboration between academia, industry, public administration.

Mobile opportunities abound

  • New sectors like e-commerce or digital gaming are growing thanks to its business advantages and to the projects taking place in Barcelona as a result of the city being Mobile World Capital.
  • Barcelona counts on an important number of HQ and sales offices thanks to its privileged location, specially for South American and Southern European markets. Office prices are considerably more competitive than in other European locations. This, combined with with a skilled workforce, makes the Catalan capital an excellent location to install Headquarters for the mobile and ICT sectors.
  • Barcelona and other main Catalan cities are incorporating Digital Governance into their political agendas, thus opening a new business opportunity for ITC/Mobile companies. Local governments often entrust startup companies with challenges derived from these new changes in governance.
  • The mobile sector can take advantages of synergies with other dynamic technological sectors in Catalonia, such SMART cities, the Internet of Things, mHealth, Gaming, eCommerce, among others.

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Mobile is changing people’s lives

Imagine a city where people move, learn, pay and work in a fully mobile-enabled environment. As a city, Barcelona will become a living lab where the industry will develop innovative technologies and people will experience culture and entertainment in new mobile-enhanced ways.
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Mobile World Capital Initiatives

The Mobile World Capital has four primary pillars:

Mobile World Congress: The mobile industry’s largest annual gathering.

Mobile World Centre: A permanent physical location showcasing the history and future of mobile to the citizens of Barcelona.

Mobile World Hub: A B2B environment pulling together the infrastructures which facilitate mobile.

• Mobile Community: An initiative to foster the Mobile sector in Barcelona and Catalonia and with a clear international projection.

The 4YFN initiative organised within the framework of the Mobile World Capital, is the home of the growing global tech startup community. It connects startups, investors and corporations under the belief that the startup culture is the driving force for change in economy and business fabric.

Be where the mobile action is

The number of ICT companies in Catalonia has grown constantly since 2008. The sector generates a turnover of €14b and invests around €2=0M in R&D (2014).

A workforce with skills you can use

Barcelona offers a highly educated workforce, with language skills and experience with programming and mobile apps.

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