16 companies from two Catalan clusters participate in the Sirha trade fair in Lyon, one of the world’s most important hotel and catering industry events


  • The delegation, made up of companies from the Catalonia Gourmet and Foodservice clusters –part of the Catalonia Trade & Investment Catalonia Clusters programme– is looking for business opportunities in an event that in its last edition had an attendance of some 189,000 professionals. 
  • This activity follows on the International Intercluster Meeting, an event celebrated in Barcelona last October between Catalonia and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, aimed at promoting internationalisation and cooperation between French and Catalan clusters.

Barcelona, January 24, 2017.- 16 Catalan companies, members of the Catalonia Gourmet cluster and the Clúster Foodservice –part of Catalonia Trade & Investment Catalonia Clusters programme– are participating until Wednesday in the Sirha HORECA congress in Lyon to look for business opportunities and promote the internationalisation of Catalan clusters. The Catalan institutional delegation to Sirha is led by the French Government delegate in France and Switzerland, Martí Anglada, and also has the presence of the Catalan Tourism Agency and PRODECA.

The event, held every two years in Lyon, features over 3,000 international exhibitors and brands for food, equipment or service products for professionals. It is considered the global gathering for the hotel, hospitality and catering sector, bringing together, in one singular event, all the elements of the sector: from gastronomy to fast food or retail, up to school and hospital catering services, to mention just a few.

The last fair in 2015 brought together some 189,000 professionals. This year the congress has an area of 130,000 m2 and 6 pavilions which will be home to around 10 different sectors: food and drink products, baking and pastry-making, confectionary and chocolates, kitchen materials and fittings, cafeterias, bars and breweries, new technologies and services, restaurant and hospitality fittings, the transport sector and tableware, among others.


Catalan presence 

Sirha will count on the participation of 16 Catalan companies that form part of two food & drink clusters which receive the support of the Catalonia Clusters programme. This programme is supported by the Catalan Government via Catalonia Trade & Investment. At present, Catalonia Trade & Investment regularly works with 30 organisations that englobe over 2,100 companies with a total turnover of 66,000 million euros and employing over 290,000 workers. 

On one hand, Catalonia Gourmet includes companies and institutions with the main aim of promoting and contributing to the competiveness of the high-end Catalan gourmet food sector. On the other, Clúster Foodservice is open to all companies and agents in the foodservice value chain, from the food processing industry, to the distribution companies and the restaurant channel. 

Inter-regional cooperation 

The participation in this fair builds on the International Intercluster Meeting, a session celebrated in Barcelona last October, between Catalonia and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to promote cooperation between French and Catalan clusters, and which saw the participation of almost 50 clusters from both regions. It is an initiative which shares the goals of the 4 Motors for Europe, a consortium created in 1988 together with Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Lombardy (Italy) to promote cooperation between regions.