Employment system

Employment that works for businesses

Recent adjustments to labour laws have simplified establishing and and terminating worker’s contracts whilst conditions on lengths of contracts have also been made more flexible, both measures reducing employer costs.

Minimum Wages & Social Security

The general minimum wage is fixed annually. Negotiated general wage agreements set the minimum wage for each sector, the hours worked a year and how they are distributed.

Social Security contributions are made by the employer and worker proportionally according to the employment and professional category.

Reduced contributions for specific sectors

There are benefits in terms of rebates to reduce employers' Social Security contributions for specific groups. These rebates may be in the form of a percentage of the salary costs or fixed monthly discounts.

Senior Management special conditions

The special labour relationship for senior management is regulated separately with a wider margin for manoeuvre when defining their contractual relationship.

A flexible labour market with hiring incentives in Catalonia benefit employers.

Further information

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