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  • connects to innovation

    With leading scientific and technological infrastructures, Catalonia actively participates in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Diverse & Competitive

    The backbone of the Catalan economy is a competitive, diversified industry. And diversification means a wide service base for investments.

  • connects to talent

    Catalonia is a land of ideas with educational excellence, talent and an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Food & drink sector

    Turning a passion for gastronomy into business. One of the biggest food cluster in Europe

  • Videos and marketing materials

    Specialised services to international companies interested in investing in Catalonia and Barcelona.


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A quick look at our international agenda


Catalonia Trade & Investment attends international fairs and organizes business events around the world to promote Catalonia and Barcelona as an investment and business location.

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Interview: Boyd Cohen

Boyd Cohen

Barcelona offers not just quality of life to entrepreneurs, but a very strong network of shared work-places, growing fab-lab market places, a city and regional government that have been very pro innovation and entrepreneurship for a long time.

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Interview: Vicenç Aguilera


Vicenç Aguilera, the president of the Catalan Automotive Industry Cluster, shares his view on the Catalan automotive ecosystem, the competitiveness of the sector and key issues such as R&D, electric cars and connected vehicles.

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Catalonia Connects

Catalonia Connects

Catalan industrial, diverse and pro-business economy works for you. Catalonia Trade & Investment offers specialised services to international companies interested in investing in Catalonia and Barcelona.

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The 36 Catalonia Trade & Investment Offices abroad help make the Catalan economy more international and global, and offer services for international companies considering Catalonia and Barcelona as an investment location in Europe.

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